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about Tanzy

Meet Gracie,

Gracie is a fourth generation golden born her. She is from Valerie and Toby, She is the niece to Nelly and Kona. Gracie was born in Nov 2019 So she was not able to get the outside exposer I would have liked. Gracie is sweet loving but can be shy when not at home. She loves to play ball and run and swim in the water. Gracie loves to talk to you with her soft voice. When she gets exited she jumps in the air and chases her tail, makes me laugh. This girl has the kindest temperament she has never been one to knock you over or she is so soft at everything she does. Loves ear scratches and to run through the field. Gracie’s is so good with her babies and anyone alts.


Health Testing 


Chic# 1645267

PennHip .45/.46

Elbows-  normal

Heart- normal

Eyes- normal






DM- Clear

NCL- clear



my puppies

Gracie and Bear pup at 9 weeks
Gracie and Bear pup around 9-10 months
Gracie and Bear pup at 10 months