The foundation for your perfect dog begins with training. 


Crate Training 

Crate training is the key to a calm and independent puppy who will grow into a confident dog. 

Leash Training 

A physical connection to your dog. They can feel your energy through the leash. This is very important to future socializing and daily life. 


The puppy basics are critcal to a happy future with your dog. A strong background in obedience lays the foundation for all other types of work.

Golden Beginnings

We offer a puppy training program to give your new puppy the best possible start to a happy life. Individually tailored to each puppy and their future. 


Training starts the day you bring your puppy home, and every day after! 

Mental health is as important as physical health for your puppy/ dog.

A well-rounded dog is calm, confident, and respectful.




Our dream:

It is our dream for every dog to obtain their Canine Good Citizen title from AKC. This program sets the presidance for an ideal canine. A CGC dog will perform not only obedience and manners, but also will respect other people as well as dogs.  

Crate Training


Crate training may seem like a headache at first. However, it is well worth the short while that your puppy may whine. 

Separation anxiety proves to be a challenge many people face due to dogs that are not independent. If they cannot be alone for a period of time, separation anxiety develops and progresses. Crate training encourages them to be on their own in a safe place, and many dogs will look for comfort in their crate.

Crates also provide a safe place where they can cause no trouble when you leave the house; it even aids in potty training!

When inevitably he/she is at a vet clinic or grooming salon, it is important for that dog to be comfortable in a crate. 

Start for small periods of time with high value rewards given, slowly increase the time your puppy is in the crate. They should never be left alone more than a few hours as it can cause early onset arthrits and other growth deformities. A crate should be large enough for the dog to stand up and turn around comfortably.  


Leash Training 

Leash training is one of those important foundation stones. This will ensure your dogs safety when out and about.

If it is started early and correctly, puppies won’t grow into dogs who are dragging you down the street.

Slip lead:

A slip lead when used correctly offers a strong connection and bond to your dog. While it isn’t all about control, a slip lead offers gentle control and still giving freedom. Relief is reward- when loose leash walking, the slip lead will be comfortable and loose. If they pull or tug, it will tighten until the behavior has been corrected. If they are putting unnecessary pressure on their trachea, more training is required. A nose halter is a good addition until loose leash is achieved.  


Harnesses are not recommended for loose leash walking. Animals that wear harnesses are encouraged more to pull. 

Basic Obedience 

Not only is basic obedience the most important thing you can teach your dog, it is the best way to keep them safe. With solid obedience, your dog will listen to your keys about how to react to different situations. Imagine, your dog runs out the front door after a squirrel, but you are able to call them off the squirrel and back to the house before they get hit by a car. Whether it is walking through traffic, a hospital, school, or downtown, obedience is the start. 


Enrichment and “brain builder” exercises will help your puppy to develop important problem solving skills and a love for learning. Licky mats, puzzle bowls, and food games are a great start! Healthy fruits and veggtables, non dairy yogurt, peanut butter (no xylitol), oatmeal, soggy kibble, canned food, and healthy treats can be added.