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Health and genetic testing

we health test all parents, screen for Hips, elbows, heart, eyes, we also do genetic DNA panels on all of our adult dogs before they go into our program. 

By testing all of the parents, we strengthen our genetic line to produce puppies with the best possible start at life.


early Development stimulation

Early Neurological Stimulation

Early Scent Introduction

Early Noise Introduction

Aptitude Testing 





Health Guarantee

All puppies will be vaccinated, dewormed, and vet examined before coming to their new home. 

Each puppy goes to its new home will first vaccinations, multiple rounds of dewormer, and a veterinary examination. 

Our Golden Beginning

I was working as a vet assistant back in 2010; this particular year was tough. We treated several Goldens with skin conditions and allergies. If they where not coming in with skin issues, they had cancer, or hip Dysplasia. This wonderful full-of-life  and family- loving breed was having all these issues.

As tired as I was at night, I went home and started researching golden retrievers and health issues and testing that could be done. In reality, there was a so much more testing than the common hip and elbow test breeders should be doing. There also was genetic testing. Genetic testing reveals the answer of why goldens have so many skin issues- Ichthyoses (ICH)  being the biggest. I will not go into this genetic disorder.

After months of researching health testing and genetic lines that had more cancer- I talked it over with Vern (husband) we made the decision to start looking for some females to begin our breeding program. I found Ann, an English golden. Next came Mindy, a field golden. I knew from the beginning I wanted to raise both red and cream color variations of Golden Retrievers. Her parents hunted and had the basic health testing done. I drove from NE montana to south Dakota over to Idaho and home to pick these girls up.

We started with the genetic panel to see what I had. I was lucky both were carriers, but not actively affected, I knew than that if I was carful and found the right male, we could produce pups that would not be affected by the ICH and other diseases in the genetic panel. Now it’s about the waiting game to check out Hips, elbows, heart, and later I learned about eyes. Many of the orthopedic testing cannot be performed until the dog is 24 months of age. 

Because we breed to the highest standard of Goldens, many dogs have not made the cut into our breeding program due to genetic conditions, orthopedic conditions, or temperament. When a dog fails the testing, they are spayed or neutered, then rehomed. We strive for excellence and work hard for the better of the breed that is Golden Retrievers. 

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