Set your puppy up for the best possible start to life with our Puppy star training program. 

A training foundation to last a lifetime-

Whether you are looking for the perfect working dog

or family companion


Enroll your puppy into our board-to-train program to ensure the best start to life- imagine a new puppy without any of the potty training or bad habits!

A love for learning 

A puppy that is started correctly in their training will develop a love for learning which in turn will become the ability to expand their knowledge. Socializing and desensitizing is another focus to ensure they are prepared for anything they may encounter in life. Calm demeaner and confidence is a critical part of a well-rounded dog. We provide enrichment to help their mind grow as well as their bodies 

Basic  and intermediate obedience

Obedience as well as manners are a main focus. Puppies will learn the basics such as sit, lay down, stay, wait, and more advanced obedience, loose-leash walking, and respectful manners. Our program uses a positive reinforcement premise.  Pups will graduate as a Puppy Star with AKC CGC title.

Laying the foundation for future work 

If you are looking for a dog to provide a service to you in the future, this is a perfect program to get your puppy started before heading home. All working dogs require a specific temperament and training should be started as soon as possible for these pups to grow up to become working dogs. After the program, the puppy will be well on their way to a life of learning and working. 

Our dogs grow up to become service dogs, medical alert, therapy work, search and rescue, and of course the perfect family companion. 

Our program

Puppies will leave the nursery for the training program between 8-10 weeks old. The program will last anywhere from 2-4 weeks with potential to expand if desired. The longer the puppy remains in the program, the more he/she will learn! 

Each puppy gets it own individualized training program curated to their own needs. Daily schedule includes: one-on-one training,  grooming, exercise, enrichment, playtime, and comfort cuddles in a home environment. 

Upon graduation, puppies will be proficient in obedience,  walk calmly on a leash, be well socialized with dogs and people, possess important manners, have a love for learning and working, and be able to pass their AKC Canine Good Citizen test. 

Depending on future work, puppies will likely require “finishing” school to complete their education for public access after they do some growing up. 

Training, as well as pet ownership, is a lifelong commitment. You will be taught the skills necessary to keep their training up to par at home and throughout their life. 


Puppies currently enrolled in training

Finn (He found his family)


Maple  (not available)

Ranger (not available)

Weekly Training Update

Week 1

Finn found his family!

Finn has mastered sit and lay down. He is comfortable in a crate, and potty training is going very well! He prefers high-value rewards for his training like tasty treats.  He loves human companionship and is a great snuggler!


Sparkles is a smart pup who likes to do things her own way. She has sit and lay down mastered and is becoming more independent. We have introduced leash training as well as more strict rules to live by. Her favorite toy is a rainbow shark that is bigger than her. 


Maple is a star student. She passes all of her training milestones with ease. She is focused and attentive and well on her way to a future therapy dog! She loves tugging and bounding after toys. 


 Ranger is a sweet and eager boy. He already has his forever home, but will remain in training for several weeks. He nows sit, down, doing really well on wait, stay, doing really good on crate training.