Kona and Bear pups

born Jan 9 2024 ready March 8th 2024

1 girl    8 boys

Apache and Apollo are boys available



Apache blue green collar $3,000 Deal till May 10th $2,500

This guy has so much potential to fit in so many places. He could be hunting, dock diver, service dog, Therapy, family pet. He is Highly tenderhearted and also will take things to heart as he needs to fix the problem or it is his fault. Raise of your voice is all the discipline this guy will ever need. A ruff hand can easily brake this boys spirt.

This guy is at Mountain Made K9 academy  $5,500

He is learning advaced obedeince and start for therapy and service work. This puppy is absolutely incredible and will make a phenomenal Service Dog as a Guide Dog, Medical Alert and Response Dog, Gluten Detection/Allergy Alert Dog, Psychiatric Service Dog or even a multipurpose Service Dog with multiple jobs and tasks!  $5,500 if speak for him by Apirl 29th