Available Puppies

We do have a few dogs looking for guardian homes.

Please feel free to contact us or fill out an application for upcoming litters!

Turk and Molly babies due April 26 ready end of May $2,500

Kona Due Jan 10



Joli Polar Bear

Kona and Bear babies

Born: Jan 9 2024   Ready: March 5th 2024

 girls 1    boys 8

price depends on training they start to recieve. 

Boys available

Apollo in training start advanced manners and service dog training $5,500

Argo sleeping 8 hours in crate, sit, down, wait for food, stay short time, leash work. 1& 2 vaccines done $2,750

Apache this guy loves to climb leash work, crate, sit, wait for food, stay short time. first and second vaccines $2,750


Has a family


was the  green blue collar now is teal collar


9 weeks old Blue and Green collar


In advanced training $5.500


Has a family


Has a family


Has a family


Aro has a Family


Going to be a service dog!


Going to be a service dog!


8 weeks this girl has gone to her new family

2024 Future Litters 

Molly and Terk $2,500

Molly is Due end of April and go home will be around June 17th

1st Girl                           1st Boy

2nd Girl

Peggy and ? we are not sure at this time $2,500

Peggy will be in season in April with born around June going home Aug. If you would like to be put on the waiting list please contact me or fill out an applaction. Thank you


Tanzy  and Bear $2,500

Last litter from Tanzy If you wanted a Tanzy and Bear puppy Now is the time. Should have last litter around July with going home around Sep.  (we always have the right to first choice for our program)

1st Girl

Nelly and Terk or an outside red male. $2,500

This pairing will be summer 2024 with go home some time late summer early fall 2024. We will choose a male in the future.


Health Guarantee


Each pup is dewormed at least 3 times before leaving for your home.  They will have their 1st vaccination, will be microchiped and have 30 days of free health insurance. 

Aptitude Test

Some of the tests we use were developed as long ago as the l930’s for dogs bred to become Guide Dogs.  Then in the 1950’s, studies on puppies were done to determine how quickly they learned.  These studies were actually done to identify children’s learning stages.  

Top Dog Tips: The ideal age to test the puppy is at 49 days of age when the puppy is neurologically complete and it has the brain of an adult dog. With each passing day after the 49th day the responses will be tainted by prior learning.

Later on in the early 60’s more tests were developed to determine if pups could be tested for dominance and submission.  These tests determined that it was indeed possible to predict future behavioral traits of adult dogs by testing puppies at 49 days of age.  Testing before or after that age affected the accuracy of the test, depending on the time before or after the 49th day.  

We took these tests, added some of our own, and put together what is now known as the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test, or PAT.  PAT uses a scoring system from 1-6 and consists of ten tests.  The tests are done consecutively and in the order listed.  Each test is scored separately, and interpreted on its own merits.  The scores are not averaged, and there are no winners or losers.  The entire purpose is to select the right puppy for the right home


VS Golden Fields will only use a ground transportation company or an in-cabin flight puppy nanny. You are always welcome to come pick your puppy up in person. I can also meet you at the airport in Great Falls, Mt so you can fly home with your new best friend!