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The Girls



Bonnie is a sweet girl. we brought Bonnie into our family in July 2019. She had primarily been a kennel girl before us. She still has issues with new people but getting better As Long As They Do Not Come Close to her babies. 

VS Haileys Fishing "Hailey"



Hailey is an Ann daughter out of Fish 

" Int Ch. Just Fisher ". Hailey has more drive than her mother for hunting water fowl or game land birds. Hailey is 65lbs. She has a nice blocky yet feminine face. Hailey loves my daughter.

VS Faiths Just Fishing "Faith"


 Faith lives in a guardian home with Parker. She loves your  attention. She is a full sister to Hailey, but she is more like Ann lad back and just loves her people does not care to hunt birds. Ask her to play fetch or snuggle on the couch she's your girl. 68lbs nice blocky head 

VS Onna's A White Dream


 Onna is also an Ann daughter. Onna has energy and loves to please her people. She has a beautiful face and a nice light frame. She loves the water and to play. 




VS Debbie is a very sweet little girl. only 55 lbs. very easy going girl. loves ball and swimming.



Molly is so sweet and loving girl. she loves to go swimming and sleeps on my daughters floor every night. was super easy to house train. 

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VS Mountain Girl Jessica


 Jessica lives in a guardian home with Janice and her husbond.

Jessica loves to find the pheasants. She has a high drive and willing personality. Very athletic and a fast mover. She loves water, horse back rides and lots of play time.  At the end of the day she loves to just snuggle on the couch. Jessica has no problem on cold days just staying in bed all day long. She loves to snuggle in bed with you. 65lbs

VS Valerie's a mountain Girl (Valerie)


 Valerie is Jessica pup. Valerie is the softest golden I have next to Ann. Valerie is sweet loves people for a pup she sits so calm and nicely by your side will being pet or not. She is extremely smart and if I bad me took more one on one time she could now so many different tricks. this goes for all my goldens but she is just to most mellow golden. Loves snuggling and swimming. 60lbs at 10months



Paisley is a nice red female 10"tall. happy go lucky girl. PPL free 

Her and Rowdy's pups are Big people lovers



Donna is a half sister to cloe. 

Donna is only 9" tall and maybe 12lbs

Donna loves to play with the sprinklers!!



Cloe is  1/2 Sister to Donna. 

Cloe is energetic and loves everyone. She has always greeted anything and any one with a smile. Cloe more long legged but only stands 10.5" tall and 13lbs



Hunt terrier female. Greta is very happy and loving. Her and  Wags love every one always so happy. 

10" tall black and tan



Hunt terrier female. Wag's is very happy and loving. Her and Greta  love everyone and always so happy. 10" tall sable



Very cute she is Full of energy.

one of our trail rides


the golden line up


our horses