​V S Anns Chamber Of Doves "Ann"


Ann is an English Golden Retriever from in US

Elbows- Good
Heart- Good
Eyes- Good
PRA1- Clear
PRA2- Clear
ICH- Carrier
MD- Clear


Grandsires & Great Grandsires 3xHPJ, 2xCAC, HJCH Giorgio the Dream Team & 4 CACIB, 5 BOB INT & FIN & EST CH ESTW-2002 Pauclare Phylanderer Top Stud Dog 2004 Granddams & Great Granddams CAJC, HPJ, CWC, CACA, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIS HJCH, JCH CZ, JCH SK, CH Hu, CH CZ, CH SK Cheer's Zara National winner, Winner of show & 27xCAC,5xCACIB,2xres.CACIB,BOS,BIS,5xBOB,2xBOG ICH,SCG.CH,Ro.Ch,Hch,HSHCH,HGCh,MKSZ.HCH-HGCH Erdoskerti Quixotic Ability Test, Working Test, Breed Exhibition & 17xBOB, 5xCC, 10xCACIB, Club Show BIS-1 Finnish Winner 1992 Karvin Paloma Oblanca Top Winning Bitch 92, 93, 94 3xHPJ, 2xCAC, HJCH


 Ann is intune with her people. She loves the water,car rides and my daughter! She has become a gopher hunting michen, Ann can sit at a gopher hole for hours patiently waiting this gopher out. Ann makes amazing therapy dogs. With her calm, patient demeanor she passes down to her pups.